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Dental care for all ages in Acton

Acton family dentist
Acton family dentist

Not all dental care is based on age, but there are most certainly specific needs that are applicable to particular times in your life. Of course, this is most common in childhood, but at the office of John Charamonde, DMD, close attention is paid to the issues that are typical at various stages. It’s all part of our total commitment to dental care for all ages.

The dental journey starts very young and lasts throughout your lifetime, so it only makes sense to have the utmost comfort and confidence in the practice where you get preventive care and treatment. Our Acton family dentist is dedicated to giving all of the valued patients who come to our office personalized attention that takes into account not only age group, but also individual circumstances and preferences. You are a unique person and not a number. Your child has baby teeth that will eventually fall out and be replaced at some point by adult teeth. That transition should be managed closely by our Acton family dentist to avoid any complications. Kids are also more prone to tooth decay and the resulting cavities, so you can depend on guidance and advice for what to do at home in order to prevent problems with your child’s teeth and gums. Along with visits to our office every six months for examinations and cleanings, the comprehensive strategy put into action is usually sufficient to put the odds in your favor for your child to have optimal oral health. That is true for all ages, actually. And our range of services, which encompasses restorations, cosmetic treatments, root canals, extractions, gum treatment, and more is designed to keep your teeth and gums strong and free of problems, too.

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