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Kids Dentist in Acton

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Pediatric Dentist in Acton

Kids Dentist in Acton
Kids Dentist in Acton

Learning and incorporating good dental habits should begin early in childhood, for it sets the stage for a lifetime of strong teeth and healthy gums. Our kids dentist in Acton is dedicated to the dental well-being of your child, and is pleased to have him or her start off on the right foot. Positive attitudes about dentistry start with our office. The atmosphere here is one that is upbeat and fun, with no reason to be fearful. Your child will have the chance to meet Dr. Charamonde and our staff, and become familiar with the tools and equipment, so that they won’t seem scary or unusual.

When your child comes in for a dental exam, usually every six months, she or he will be experiencing the very foundation of good dental care. Our kids dentist in Acton can find any problems while they are most easily addressed. Small cavities will be filled promptly and have no opportunity to grow larger, leading to possible infections and an untimely extraction. Your child’s primary (baby) teeth are supposed to fall out on a particular schedule. When one is removed outside of that time frame, ti can create unintended consequences, such as the other teeth shifting, resulting in insufficient room for a permanent (adult) tooth to erupt.

Your child’s jaws and gums will also be checked thoroughly. A teeth cleaning will remove any remaining plaque and tartar, along with food particles from his or her mouth, which helps to prevent future cavities or gum disease. Speaking of prevention, that is a big part of what our kids dentist in Acton offers you. Tips on good nutrition, limiting her or his sugar consumption, how to deal with teething, and guidance on helpful methods like fluoride treatments and sealants when it comes to protecting your child’s teeth from the ravages of tooth decay.

Our kids dentist in Acton will be your partner in the ongoing strategy to keep your child’s teeth in the best possible condition, and in overseeing the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth, from childhood through to adolescence and into adulthood. It’s a journey and we take it with you.

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