Tooth Extraction in Concord

Tooth Extraction in Concord

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Many people need some kind of dental work in their lives, at least at one point or another. Whether you need dental fillings, braces, or other things, most dental procedures are employed to help improve your overall dental health. When other procedures may be unsuccessful or when issues are beyond repair, extracting teeth may be necessary. When it comes to tooth extraction in Concord, John Charamonde, DMD is the expert you will want to make sure you see.

Having teeth removed is no small matter, but it is important that you get it done if you need it. In some cases, removing teeth is more of a cosmetic issue but still concerns medical health. For instance, people with dental crowding or double sets of teeth may need these extra teeth removed. People looking to undergo orthodontic care may need certain teeth removed in order to make room for their new smile if they have an over or underbite, or if they have any other sort of malocclusion that needs fixing. In other cases, teeth may be removed when no other options are viable. Teeth with severe decay, disease, or damage may need to be removed completely before they cause any more harm to your dental health. When it comes to any sort of tooth extraction in Concord, John Charamonde, DMD is here to help. If you have any of the issues listed above or have some suspicions, Dr. Charamonde will be more than happy to meet with you and assess your condition before moving forward with any procedures. Depending on the nature of the extraction, you may need anesthetic or anesthesia before undergoing the necessary surgery to remove the tooth, and potentially infection, in its entirety. In many cases, removing teeth is needed to restore health and prevent further issues.

If you need a tooth extraction in Concord, you know where to go. For complete dental care, call us today to set up your visit with John Charamonde, DMD.

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